A Twin Cities Jewelry Designer Drapes Her Renovated 1980s Home in Colorful Paper Crafts for the Holidays

Larissa Loden fully renovated her 1980s home. Peek inside, then see it dressed up for the holidays with simple paper crafts inspired by her style—and her eye for possibility.

family pulling children on sled
Photo: Josh Grubbs

Larissa Loden sees the world through a lens of potential. That's how the former middle school art teacher taught her students, how she viewed the oddball materials that worked their way into some of her earliest jewelry designs, and how—five years ago she recognized this house would fit her future family.

organized entryway
With two kids (Eevi, 4, and Aleister, 2) and a yard that slopes to a lake, the Lodens spend a lot of time outside—but their home’s dark, cramped foyer was a pinch point. Installing windows around the door and trading a closet for hooks and a bench created a brighter, more welcoming entry. Josh Grubbs | Project: Allison Landers at Joy Martin Architecture and Interior Design

"There was carpet in the bathroom, but we knew it was the one," she says. The location on Lake Owasso offered a way for Larissa and her husband, Aaron, to fulfill their #cabinlife dreams while staying close to her young business. (It's just 15 minutes from her St. Paul studio and new brick-and-mortar store.)

modern kitchen with wood and white
A mod vision of circles, rectangles and high-contrast hues, the kitchen features custom walnut cabinets, white tile and Silestone countertops. Slim pendants by Cincinnati-based Andrew Neyer punctuate a new pair of windows. Josh Grubbs | Project: Allison Landers at Joy Martin Architecture and Interior Design

The couple also fell for the distinctive architecture of the 1980s-modern, with its sharply slanted rooflines and vertical siding. Since moving in, they've swapped a dowdy brown exterior for crisp charcoal-gray fiber-cement, opened up the main floor, added windows to light every corner, removed a redundant back staircase to create a mudroom and laundry, and infused every room with midcentury style.

parent and child in kitchen
Minneapolis architect Joy Martin and designer Allison Landers designed the kitchen to reflect Larissa’s minimalist style, with a spacious pantry wall and a two-level island to conceal appliances and clutter. Josh Grubbs | Project: Allison Landers at Joy Martin Architecture and Interior Design

And all that while growing a family and a company. About 30 percent of Larissa's jewelry sales happen in the six weeks before Christmas, but she's diligent about carving out time for sledding on their just-thrilling-enough hill, watching neighbors ice-skate or talking about the colors in the winter sunrise. Last year, they cut their own tree, reviving a tradition from Larissa's childhood. She likes quirky, "sassy" ones—more Charlie Brown than Norman Rockwell—with lots of potential, given the right set of eyes.

children playing near fireplace and christmas tree
Josh Grubbs

Bring Larissa's style into your own home with these colorful and affordable Christmas paper crafts, shown here.

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